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Starts :  Jul 21, 2022 10:38 AM CST
Ends: Aug 21, 2022 10:00 AM CST

7 Items
Item # Description
Lot - 1 Furniture Photos

ANTIQUE AND MODERN FURNITURE:  Buffet, China hutch, recliners, 4-piece oak bedroomset, couch, dining table and chairs, apartment stack washer and dryer, mini fridge,drop front secretary, 3 piece queen size bedroom set, dressers, corner cabinet,refrigerator, tv stands, baby bed, trunks, lane cedar chest, bar stools, kneehole desk, sofa table, dressing mirror, lamps, lamp tables, baby cradle,flatscreen tv’s, and more.


OUTDOOR, GARAGE TYPE ITEMS, TOOLS:  Toro Time Cutter Z4200 zero turn mower, StihlFS90 string trimmer, Stihl MS291 chain saw, Craftsman, Toro, and Lawn Boy pushmowers, yard cart, yard thatcher, floor jack, gazebo, electric blowers, wiremesh patio set, battery weed eater, chainsaws, hand tools, long handle tools,power tools, patio furniture, work bench, minnow buckets, lumber, and more.

Lot - 3 BOX LOTS

BOX LOTS: Assorted household misc. and smalls. Dealertables, number wheel, card shufflers, roulette table, and other game items.


SMALLS, COLLECTIBLES, ANTIQUES: old cash register,fur coats, metal tonka toys, large corning ware collection, Pyrex bowls, beersteins, beer advertisements, diecast cars and trucks, stained glass cats, CaseXX knives in showcases, stone bowls, stone crocks, 50 cal. CVA muzzle loader,mantle clocks, Griswold #8 Dutch oven, 6 piece L. Frank Baum Oz book set, glasswater jugs, McCoy vases, Arvin radios, gold and silver coins, 10k, 14k, 18kgold jewelry, costume jewelry, and other coins, 70's and 80's rock records, and more.

Lot - 5 Vehicles

VEHICLES: 1986 Pontiac Trans am with only 6,540 miles has not been started since being put in storage 10 years ago, 1 owner car nice, all original 305 engine automatic transmission (1G2FW87H8GN244466) , 1978 Volkswagen Bug rough condition withsome parts, 

Lot - 6 Jewelry

Listing to come. Large selection of nice jewelry.

Jewelry 8/21

Seller #310

1.     Buffalo necklaces and earrings

2.     18k ring with green stone 1.5

3.     14k ring with clear stones 3.0

4.     14k ring with clear stones 2.6

5.     18k ring with large green stone andsmall clear stone 3.5

6.     10k ring with red stones 1.5

7.     14k ring with multi colored stones2.3

8.     14k ring with red stones 1.4

9.     10k ring with a red stone 1.7

10.10k ring with black and a clear stone2.8

11.10k ring 1.7

12.10k ring 3 green stones 1.0

13.10k ring black and gray stones 1.5

14.Sterling ring 6.0

15.2 pair sterling earrings 21.8

16.14k bracelet 2.4

17.14k necklace 16.1

18.14k necklace 0.8

19.14k necklace and earrings 3.7

20.14k necklace 4.2

21.Sterling ring 6.1

22.10k ring red and clear stones 0.9

23.14k ring 5 black stones 2.9

24.14k ring 0.9

25.10k ring 2.9

26.10k ring black stone 1.6

27.10k ring with red stones

28.10k ring 1.9

29.14k earrings 1.5

30.14k necklace 5.7

31.14k necklace 2.4

32.18k necklace 0.7

33.Purple beaded necklace bracelet andearrings

34.Sterling ring 5.8

35.Sterling earrings 10.7

36.Sterling earrings choice pair

37.14k earrings 2.5

38.14k necklace 2.4

39.Sterling ring 5.0

40.18k ring 2.5

41.Seiko ladies watch

42.14k pendent and earrings 4.1

43.14k necklace broke 6.6

44.Sterling necklace with ¼ oz. silvercoin

45.2 sterling rings 5.7 green stones

46.Sterling ring 4.9

47.14k black beaded necklace

48.Small box of 14k misc. 30.4

49.14k heavy necklace 18.0 marked 585

50.Necklace bracelet earrings pendent

51.14k earrings 5.9 red and clear stones

52.925 necklace with red and clearstones

Showcase 3

53.18k Tiffany necklace

54.10k ring yellow and red stones 2.4

55.14k earrings 1.0

56.10k ring black stone 2.4

57.14k white gold ring with blue stones2.4

58.14k earrings 2.1

59.10k necklace 1.9

60.10k ring 2.1

61.14k necklace with large red stone 5.1

62.10k necklace 0.3

63.Sterling ring 3.3

64.Misc. sterling

65.2 pair 14k earrings red stones

66.2 pair sterling earrings 14.1

67.Sterling earrings

68.10k chain 14k pendent 2.0

69.2 sterling necklaces sterling ringand sterling earrings

70.Sterling necklace and colored stones

71.Heavy sterling necklace with greenstones

72.10k necklace 2.7

Showcase 2

73.Green stone necklace and earrings

74.14k misc. 2.7

75.10k ring 4.2

76.Sterling necklace

77.7 1oz. rounds and bars choice

Showcase 5

78.Choice sterling piece

79.14k earrings 2.4

80.14k necklace gray and black stone

81.18k over sterling ruby bracelet

82.10k and sterling necklace

83.Beaded necklace and 2 pair of 14kearring

84.4 glass bead necklace

85.10k white gold ring 2.6

86.Sterling ring red and clear stones2.2

87.14k earrings 3.0

88.Sterling earrings

89.Showcase with marbles on it, choicesterling piece

90.Choice sterling piece

91.Choice sterling piece

92.10k ring 2.1

93.10k ring red stone 2.1

94.14k and jadite necklace

Lot - 7 Records