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Starts :  Dec 20, 2021 12:14 PM CST
Ends: Jan 30, 2022 10:00 AM CST

4 Items
Item # Description
Lot - 1 Furniture Photos

ANTIQUEAND MODERN FURNITURE:Bedroom sets, dressers, end tables, coffee tables, tables and chairs, cabinets,chairs, assorted home furniture, recliners, antique furniture, Oak sleigh bed,oak China hutch, oak corner cabinet, 2 sofas, rocking chairs, bookshelves, largenumber or file cabinets, garage shelf units, and much more.


SMALLS,COLLECTIBLES, ANTIQUES: Assorted glassware, numerous smalls, and collectibles from the EllaineAlman Estate (exit 76 antique mall), collectibles, kitchen items, bakingdishes, lamps, antique items, Letts IN cream can, 15-gallon crock, costumejewelry, glass baskets, glass pictures, chalk figurines, antique lamps, flatirons, old hand tools, Pyrex bowls, vintage dolls, dish sets, Early Times glassbarrel, vintage ladies’ hats, and much more.

1.     Last coins and currency of themillennium

2.     Official coin First day cover MIRShuttle

3.     US mint Collector’s necklace

4.     4 Lincoln-Kennedy pennies

5.     Plastic paperweight with new penniesin it

6.     2 Westward Journey nickel sets

7.     Ohio state quarter, Susan B Anthonydollar, Bicentennial

8.     Sacagawea coin and stamp set

9.     1911 V nickel, 1936 Buffalo nickel,1943 and 1960 Jefferson nickels 20th century nickel collection

10.1927 Buffalo nickel, 1940 Jeffersonnickel, 1942 Jefferson nickel, 1907 V nickel in plastic

11.1935 Buffalo nickel, 1946 Jeffersonnickel, 1943 Jefferson nickel, 1912 V nickel in plastic

12.2-1971 Coin sets, choice

13.3-1972 Coin sets, choice

14.3-1969 Coin sets, choice

15.Oval office penny collection

16.The Original New York penny

17.Bicentennial quarter, half dollar anddollar

18.Strange but True Lincoln and KennedyCoin

19.Lincoln Bicentennial Cents

20.Westward Journey nickel coin set 2004

21.2013 Star Note one dollar billuncirculated

22.1963 Barr note one dollar bill

23.1928 Red seal 2 dollar bill

24.1953 Red seal 2 dollar bill

25.1963 Red seal 2 dollar bill

26.1976 2 dollar star note

27.1976 2 dollar bill with mail stamp

28.5-1935 1-1957 one dollar silvercertificate

29.1970-S 1972-D 1981-S uncirculated pennies

30.2001-S 2004-S 2006-P 2009-Puncirculated pennies

31.2011-S Rutherford Hayes one dollarcoin

32.1999-S 2-2005-S nickels in plastic

33.1999-P Roosevelt dime in plastic

34.2003-P quarter in plastic

35.50 steel pennies

36.1859 1863 1865 1887 Indian head pennies

37.1893 1894 1896 1898 Indian headpennies

38.1901 1902 1905 1906 Indian headpennies

39.1906 3-1907 Indian head pennies

40.8 mixed date wheat pennies

41.10 mixed date wheat pennies

42.10 mixed date wheat pennies

43.10 mixed date wheat pennies


OUTDOOR,GARAGE TYPE ITEMS, TOOLS: Assorted outdoor items, hand tools, long handle tools, garage items, 2rolling toolboxes, bench grinder, air compressor, floor jacks, vise, organizercabinets, gas cans, 2-wheel dolly’s, gas grill, and much more.

Lot - 4 BOX LOTS

BOX LOTS:Assorted householditems, misc., small kitchen appliances, and more.